Dear Younger Self

Unlocking the Knowledge Within

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What would you tell your Younger Self if you could write her or him a letter, knowing what you now know?  Wouldn’t it be great to have all the knowledge we have now and go back in time.  Dear Younger Self is a collaborative book that brings together 30 inspirational stories from as many amazing women and 1 man.  We became #1 Best-Sellers and #1 Amazon International Best-Sellers.   

Every single story in this book is meant to inspire, give hope,. and empower its readres.  My story is about listening to my Inner Guidance.  It’s also about looking for and finding the treasure inside each p erson I meet and manifesting the life of my dreams.  My hope is that it will inspire people to find their passion for their own life and career and fine their own inner JOY even when life might seem chaotic.

Daily Rituals Today

My wish for each one of us, is that we embrace a Daily Rituals practice that is personal for each of us, enlivens us and yet gives us the serenity we all seek.

Each day I enter the seclusion of a private chat with God through prayer, a quiet time to hear myself think (or not think) during my meditation and a time to document the experience of what I am experiencing through journaling.  I take the time to send healing Reiki to myself, to others and to the world in general.  I make a connection with what is truly important to me.  I affirm my future goals and I envision what I want in my life so clearly that it is as if it has already occurred. May you experience peace.  May you feel empowered to do what calls to you and whatever that calling may be, I pray that you do it with purpose and with conviction and power and may you have the clarity and foresight that you need to make the best choices for yourself.



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About Jacquie

Jacquie Freeman is a Women’s Empowerment Leader, Reiki Master, Sacred Mandala Artist, Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer who delights in telling authentic, magical stories that help us realize that we can craft the lives we want to live.

Jacquie is a life-long learner, a manifesting queen, a seeker of truth and a spirit led woman who loves life, her family and her friends.  

She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Bachelor of Science in Education and is currently working on her PhD in Metaphysical Science.  Jacquie is also a certified Jack Canfield Trainer. During her 29 year career as a School Counselor, she was honored when chosen as the California School Counselor Association Counselor of the Year.  She credits living a successful, magical, and spiritually rich life to her parents and positive associations with the thought leaders Jack Canfield, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Stephen R. Covey.  

Jacquie and her husband of 31 years, Vernon, live in Riverside, California along with their rescue dogs and cats.  They enjoy their butterfly garden and watching the incredible, metaphorical transformations each of their caterpillars make to become a butterfly.  Their home and life is infused with a deep peace, love, connection with God, and a good dose of laughter!

11 Weeks of Strength

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