Carlsbad Beach Retreat 2021

Soulful Successful Empowerment

Mon. 5/24 through Thurs. 5/27

Join in Daily Rituals at the Beach, Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Yoga, Essential Oils, Success Lessons & More!

Carlsbad video at lunch dining room and ocean

This four day retreat is held right at the beach in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.  Deepak Chopra calls Carlsbad, “The gem of the Universe” and I believe it may be so!

Enjoy a deep peace and an awakening to your heart’s desires as you participate in the Daily Rituals of Yoga, Journaling, Meditation, Beach Mindfulness Walks, Canfield Success Lessons, Aroma Freedom Technique Essential Oils with Affirmations, Sound Bowl and Gratitude, and morning Self Reiki/Affirmation/Quiet Time while sitting on the beach, 4 sessions of QiGong and Reiki Energy Healing, along with Healthy Meals the entire stay, a brunch at Naked Cafe on the last day, and amazing Welcome/Goodie Bags and hand-crafted wands for each Goddess in attendance!

We are nestled in a beautiful, expansive home with plenty of room to spread out and to come together.

Let our chef pamper you with healthy, equisite cuisine.

Enjoy an afternoon at the local Village’s Farmer’s Market and pick yourself up some tantalizing finds.  Enjoy a morning at the local shops (and a favorite used book store where treasures can be found!)

By the completion of the retreat through lessons, experiences, deep meditations, Daily Rituals and journaling, you’ll have been led to a new awareness and a transformation of your spirit.  It really is an incredible experience.

This retreat was SOLD OUT but may have one room that has just become available.  Please inquire about the possibility for our last Private room, with private bathroom (all inclusive).

Includes all meals and activities, beautiful gorgeous rooms and extraordinary welcome gift, and last day brunch at restaurant!