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Align Your 7 Chakras & Feel Amazing

In just a few minutes you can make a powerful impact on your physical, and emotional body by aligning your Chakras.

Take a moment to sit up straight, and place your feet on the floor.  If you are sitting, make a connection with the ground (chair) you are sitting on.  If you are standing, plant those feet firmly in the ground (Mountain pose).  

Bring your attention to your breath.  Imagine breathing in healing light into the Heart Chakra with each inhalation.  On each exhalation, feel a release of any tension and relax.  

Now let’s focus on each Chakra beginning at the Root Chakra and continuing to the Crown Chakra.  

Your Root Chakra is your foundation.  Your core values, your purpose, what you stand for.  It is the you at your very core.  Feel the earth underneath you.  In fact, the earth is the element for the Root Chakra.  The color associated with this Chakra is the color Red.  Imagine making a connection with the earth, whether standing, sitting or lying down.  Make this connection now.  You may imagine root, like a tree’s, rooting you down into the earth.  You may plant your hands beside you.  Close your eyes and take a few moments to make this deep connection with this beautiful planet, our Mother Earth, Panchamama and at the same time give thanks and gratitude for this day.  (Even if you are feeling not so thankful at this very moment., act as if you are very thankful.  The very act of acting thankful begins the cycle of appreciation, gratitude and also abundance.)  Spend a minute or two here thinking “I am enough”.  Then open your eyes..

The next Chakra is the Sacral Chakra.  This is the lower abdomen.  Its element is water.  This is the Chakra that allows us to go with the flow, to not get too uptight, too tense.  This Chakra houses many emotions.  Emotions from now as well as from the past.  I’d like you to place your hands on the lower abdomen, breathing in healing here.  Take a moment to see your younger self at your most vulnerable age.  Perhaps you will see yourself as a toddler, or in elementary school or middle school.  Perhaps you’ll see several images of yourself.  With each image, send yourself love, peace, harmony and acceptance.  Think the affirmation, “I feel worthy.” and then close your eyes here for a minute or two.  Then open your eyes.

The next Chakra is the Solar Plexus.  This is the mid-section of your body.  It’s element is the Sun.  This Chakra is a powerful Chakra in our body.  Take your hands and place them at the Solar Plexus breathing in deeply, pausing for a moment, and then exhaling all the air out through your mouth.  Let go and release.  The color here is bright yellow.  As you breath in and out imagine a bright yellow sunshine feeling the mid-section of your body.  This Chakra is the Chakra that accepts changes in our routine, our life, where we live, where we work and helps us face whatever it is we need to face.  Think to yourself, “I Can Do Whatever I Set My Mind to Do!” and think of something that may fall in that category.  As you close your eyes for a minute here, you are affirming to yourself, “I can do it” and repeat that to yourself.  After a minute open your eyes.

The next Chakra is the Heart Chakra.  Its color is green.  This is the Chakra that accepts love and also gives love.  The element associated with the Heart Chakra is Air.  Place the palms of your hands at your Heart Chakra.  Your hands may be in a prayer position or one hand can be placed at the heart center, flat against the chest and the other hand placed flat directly above the other hand.  Affirm to yourself, “I am love and others love me.”  Repeat with your eyes closed and allow yourself to feel the love that the Universe/God has for you.  Do your best to not remain stoic and do your best to allow this love in.  Love yourself!  Take a few moments here allowing this beautiful quality in. Close your eyes and breathe in this healing love.   After a minute or so, open your eyes.

The next Chakra is the Throat Chakra.  It’s color is light blue and its element is ether/space.  This is the Chakra that helps you speak what is on your mind in a way that you are proud of yourself and that is authentic.  Your voice can be heard and is important.  Speak your truth when this Chakra is open and aligned.  Assertive versus passive or aggressive.  Simply being your true self.  Close your eyes for a minute and continuing breathing in this beautiful light blue light and exhaling in full confidence that you are authentically speaking your truth.  Affirm, “I speak my turth”.  When you are ready, open your eyes.

The next Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows.  This Chakra’s color is Indigo blue.  A beautiful, dark blue.  This Chakra is made up of all of the elements.  This Chakra is known for your intuition, divine guidance, ability to make decisions and when aligned you do not feel overwhelmed with life.  You feel a connection with God.  The beautiful Bija Mantra of AUM can be said outloud or to yourself.  Inhale deeply and exhale an audible AUM.  Close your eyes and say the Bija AUM a few more times.  Affirm, “I am one with the Divine”.  Then open your eyes.  

The 7th Chakra is the Crown Chakra.  This is the Chakra often referred to as the Thousand Petaled Lotus.  Divine connection is made here.  Divine light and love enters the Crown Chakra and the color is often seen as Violet, or bright White or Golden.  Some even see a Rainbow of all the colors.  Imagine for yourself the light being rained down upon you into your Crown Chakra.  As you breath in this healing light you can imagine this healing light extending from you with each exhalation.  You are sending healing light and love into the Universe.  Close your eyes in silence and respect as you continue seeing this beautiful light washing through you with each inhalation and sending it out beyond you with each exhalation.  

After you open your eyes.  place your hands at the Heart center and with gratitude say a simple Thank You and Namaste!

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