In my experience, affirmation do work!  And in fact, I think they work incredibly well.  I have used affirmations for years with great results.  What started out as merely positive thinking has taken form as sentences that I can repeat to myself several times a day.  Affirmations can begin with the words “I am”.  These are the two most powerful words in the English language and anything that follow it is a declaration of intent.  Even if you have not attained the declaration, you are making your intent known!

Use the present tense when you make an affirmation and state it in positive terms.  I like keeping things brief so the sentence rolls off my tongue easily.  Make it specific. Include at least one feeling word, an emotion, gives your affirmation a sense of how it will make you feel.

By the way, your affirmation does not have to have happened yet!  In fact, most affirmations are what you want to occur.  Saying an affirmation that has not yet occured is putting on the cloak of how that would feel and helps you envision your goal.  Have fun with it and say your affirmations often and intend to take on the emotion you would experience when that affirmation comes true.  Begin to really believe in what you are saying

Here’s a few examples:

I am grateful and happy to be fit and healthy and weigh my perfect weight.

I am thrilled and proud that my book is on the New York Times Best Seller list for 12 months!  

I am peaceful and calm each day and I return to my center quickly.

I am grateful for all the beauty and love in my life.

I am filled with pride and happiness that I now have achieved my breakthrough goal.

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