Do you want to live a more connected and spiritual life? Wait no longer! This delightful, authentically written book will pave the way and provide an inner path to manifesting your own 30 Day Plan.

• Learn how to make a Daily Rituals practice intentional and sacred

• Create your own sacred space in your home, yard or in nature

• Ideas and techniques for Meditation, Journaling, Journaling Prompts, Reiki, Prayer, Manifesting, Affirmations, Sound Bowls, Vision Boards, Yoga, Full Moon and New Moon Rituals, and the Chakras

• Get started immediately as you read and craft your own 30 Day Plan of Daily Rituals that speak to your heart and soul


“Daily Rituals – 30 Days to Peace, Empowerment & Clarity is a deeply moving book with stories and experiences of the author’s that are profoundly touching as they impart the wisdom and the peace that come with sacred daily practices. . . I highly recommend you read this book and put into practice the things outlined. You will enjoy how she guides you to creating your own personal Daily Rituals practice, weaving the everyday with sacred and enlightening tools along the way.” Raymond, Aaron, New York Times Top 10 Best Selling Author

“I knew what a wonderful Energy Healer and teacher Jacquie was but I had no idea what a fantastic write she is also. This book allowed me to understand that ritual is something fluid and alive and unique to each individual. Now that I truly understand the power of ritual to strengthen my own spirituality I’ve begun a daily conscious practice of my own personal rituals and it has truly made a difference.” J. McCoy, Wisdom Business Entrepreneur

Awarded the 10-10-10 Publishers Prize, 2021