Meditation Experience March 2023




7 Day Meditation Challenge, March 1 – 7, 2023 Only $27

Instructor: Jacquie Freeman; Reiki Master, Meditation Master, Mandala Artist, Author and certified Jack Canfield Success Principle Trainer

A Week that will Make your Meditation practice Stronger

March 1 – 7, 2023
4 pm to 4:44 pm each day of the first week of March
Live on Zoom

This 7 part class will be personally taught on Zoom by Jacquie and is abridged from many years of her meditation study and particularly with DavidJi of the Chopra Center and the Ananda Self Realization Meditation course.  Jacquie has studied and meditated for years and it is a practice that brings much peace, empowerment and clarity and she recommends it to all her students.  Meditating together for a week is not just a week’s practice but a practice you can refer to again and again as this a course in meditation.  The meditations will be able to be replayed and you are able to keep them to refer to.

3/1, Day 1:  The Power of the Present Moment

3/2, Day 2:  Mastering the Power of your Breath

3/3, Day 3:  You are the Space Between

3/4, Day 4:  Asking and Answering the Sacred Questions of Life

3/5, Day 5:  Going Deeper into Ancient Divine Pranayama (Breath)

3/6, Day 6:  Things that can happen when you Meditate

3/7, Day 7:  How to Keep the Magnificence of Meditation

Meditate Effectively and Get Results.


Join in this one week experience March 1 – 7 and experience you’ll be encouraged to make it a life-long practice

Experience the impact a daily meditation practice provides

Instructor: Jacquie Freeman; Reiki Master, Meditation Master, Mandala Artist and Author


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