1 Hour Distance Reiki for Health/Oracle Reading and Psychic Impressions




During an Oracle Reading and subsequent Messages that May Come Through During the Reading:

This is an exciting portal into you and your path.  I love doing readings and medium work.  The medium work I do is often words/phrases/messages that come through during a Reiki Session or during the Oracle Reading.  

During a 60 minute Oracle Reading with Reiki, I spend a period of time channeling and really embracing the energetic connection between you and spirit.  It allow me the time to really make this connection and also gives you the added benefit of receiving healing Reiki.  The Reiki is sent to you to help heal you on the 4 Energy Fields that you have – these are:  Physical Energy Field; Emotional Energy Field; Mental Energy Field and the Spiritual Energy Field.  During this time of me remotely sending you Reiki, spirit steps in with messages and impressions and I make note of all that I hear, sense and feel and know and share these words, sentences, phrases and impressions with you after the session is completed.  This session also leads me into a full on Oracle Reading for you and I am led to certain decks that I have specifically that spirit chooses.  I do not use Tarot, and choose to use Oracle cards.  It is uncanny how loving and helpful the Oracle cards are in helping give you directon and encouragement and support with a situation and question you are having in your life.    This hour session includes the Reiki, Oracle Reading, all the notes that follow and a conversation with you, affirmations to help you as you continue with the insights gained.    Total of my time is approximately 2.5 hrs.  Your time commitment is 1 hour while I am sending you the Reiki and choosing the cards and then another 30 minutes  for us to discuss what occurred and how you will use the reading to help you in your life.   During the one hour session, I ask that you lay down, relax, and ask your Highest Power (Your God/Angels/Source/and all positive light and love Energy, to step in to the session to help give you the answer you seek.)    I then follow up with you with either a phone call, a zoom call, or email about all the positive things gained during the session.  It is a remarkable gift of insight!  This fulfilling and insightful Reiki and Oracle Session is $125. 

If you’d like to really go deep and for me to get a better sense of working with your Energy, a series of 3 sessions, is recommended, which can be scheduled weekly, or bi-monthly, or monthly.  For a series of three I offer a deep discount at only $99 for each session, ($297 for 3), for a savings of $78 over purchasing separately!  Capture this offer by going to the product page and purchasing.  You may contact me through the web portal here or by email at JacquieFreeman@outlook.com

P.S.  Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and I are co-authoring a Chakra Guidebook with the Success Principles and we have a Success Oracle Deck that will be released within the next year.  This deck can also be used in conjunction with my many other decks when I do the hour long session for you!  I am led by pendulum and spirit to choose the decks specifically for you and I have over 20 decks to choose from.  You may also request certain decks and we can explore them each together during our time  




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