The “ALL IN” Challenge you’ve been waiting for!

“ALL IN” and Playing Full-Out for our Daily Practices!

September 20th through September 30th, 2022. Lives on Zoom, Private Facebook Group. Nominal $20 fee! Wow. Come join. Lots of Golden Nuggets and a few surprises!

Join us for 10 days of:

  • Daily Guided Meditations live with Jacquie Freman
  • Silent Meditations and breath work led by Jacquie Freeman
  • Recite Reiki Precepts along with Jacquie Freeman
  • Journaling and Writing Gratitudes Daily, space held daily while on our call
  • Health Challenges given by Meredith Orlowski, Root to Leaf Wellness Health Coach (9/26 – 9/30)
  • Decluttering/Tidy Expertise given by Beckie Hynds, Tidy Brigade Coach (9/20 – 9/30)
  • Hydration (Drink your water reminders) Daily
  • Commitment to NO Fast Food during the 10 Days
  • Daily Affirmations said by each of us in the Challenge to ourselves
  • Daily “MIRROR” work – explained on first call
  • Daily Prayer on own


We will be LIVE each day at 10 AM PACIFIC and REPLAYS WILL BE POSTED in the Facebook Group

Have you been wanting to go “ALL IN!”?!

These 10 Days, your support group will be us! Through the aligned and guided and supported help in this group, you will actually feel that you are making the head-way you have been yearning for! You will finally have that daily Meditation practice, and be congruent with the goals you desire for yourself. Visualizing, affirming and establishing a consistent system for your daily practice will feel amazing and you will bask in the feeling that it is obtainable.

The “ALL IN” challenge is built around the idea of doing all the things we need to do on the daily, but often feel we lack time to do for ourselves. You will finally have a system for your soulful success!

Some of the things you will learn in our 10 days together:

  • How to start your day with Intention
  • Manifesting with Positive Beliefs
  • Beginning your day with your signature Affirmation and Declaration to the Universe!
  • Joining in LIVE or watching replay DAILY and Meditating
  • Meditation techniques will be explored: Led Meditations, Guided, Self and Silent Meditaitons
  • Health Golden Nuggets from Health Coach Meredith Orlowski of Root to Leaf
  • Decluttering Golden Nuggets from Beckie Hynds of the Tidy Brigage

How Much Time Will I Need to Commit to “All In”?

You will learn how to do all this easily in your day. You will learn how to combine time saving techniques to things you are already doing. A “stacking” activity of something you already do each day can now also hold another daily practice. This will be explained more fully – but research shows if you want to start any new habit, you can “stack” it to an already established habit (think brushing your teeth and how easy it is to do that each day without even thinking about it.)

Unless you already have a daily practice, you will be adding a 10 minute meditation each day + a nightly 5 minute meditaiton + a 10 minute health goal + a 10 minute decluttering goal + an additional 10 minutes of Movement to your day = will add approximately 45 minutes to your day. But how about combining your 10 minutes of movement with a “Walking Meditation” while saying your Affirmations?! There’s 10 minutes that combine three spectacular daily practices: Movement, Meditation and Affirmations!

We will meet for 10 Days at 10 Am PST for approximately 20 minutes live. During this 20 minutes, you may expect to relax and be led on a guided Meditation with Jacquie Freeman, and recite the Reiki Intention of the Precepts and you will write down 10 gratitudes. Beckie and Meredith will join us many of these days to share a Decluttering and Health challenge for the day that will be a short, very doable addition of your day that won’t take much time at all, yet help you feel like a million bucks!

Wow! I’ve been wanting to start a Daily Practice of Meditation, Affirmations, Health and Decluttering! How do I sign up and get the Zoom and Facebook Info?

You can contact me, Jacquie, through this website or write to me at

There is a nominal fee of only $20 to join the challenge!

The 10-Day All-In

Meditation Challenge

The “ALL IN” Challenge you’ve been waiting for!