The Genesis of something is the beginning, as the name suggests as it is the first book of the Old Testament.  I was gifted with a beautiful beginning – a wonderful mother and father, two adoring older sisters, and an abundance of love and security!  I have come to realize that I also was blessed with the recognition of recognizing this abundance and that not everyone is so fortunate.  So I learned I better step it up a bit.  Give back.  Help others.  I’ve tried to do that.  I was a kindergarten teacher for 5 years and an elementary school counselor for 25 years.  I’m a mom, a wife, and now a grandma.  Life hasn’t always been easy but I know it’s better when we have gratitude and appreciate our blessings.  Not everyone starts out the same, but we can all finish strong.  No matter what the beginning you’ve had, pick up the pieces, allow in the love and grace the Universe/God has for you.  Begin your Daily Rituals in earnest.  Pray, Meditate, Journal and embrace the life you are here for and meant to be living.  


Which means, “The Light in Me, Honors the Light in You”

We each have that Light, so believe in yourself and let it shine!

PS  Claire De Lune was my mother’s favorite piece of music.  It reminded her of life and all of the emotions contained within.  It gave me great joy when I could play it for her on the piano.  Close your eyes and meditate and let your Heart expand.  

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