You and I Are Connected

“In the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related.  May we never even pretend that we are not”

I always liked Mr. Rogers and his easy going, friendly, accepting, expansive nature and funny thing, I also always liked that he always had a sweater with him! That sweater thing I could relate to as I grew up in the ‘60’s and ’70’s in a small desert town in Southern California where the summer weather varied between very toasty and extremely hot.  I’d get in the car to drive somewhere in the summer and be sure I had a gallon of water tucked away in the trunk in case the radiator over-heated, and I’d have potholders in my hand.  Potholders?  Yes, Potholders, so one could easily touch the steering wheel that had been sweltering inside the car while the outside temperature would be 125 degrees in the shade. 
So, I could always relate to Mr. Rogers’ fondness of sweaters.  I like being comfortable and err on the side of being too warm over being too cold.  I like this perspective from Mr. Rogers, that we are infinitely connected.  I have always felt that we are all in this together.  “This”, being life here on our planet.

So, hello my sisters and brothers.  Welcome! 

I woke up with Gratitude on my mind this morning. I took my morning coffee outside and sat for awhile where I recently
scattered the ashes of my dear old doggie, Mishka.  It made me feel closer to her.  She loved this tree and area in our yard.  My other two rescues came and lounged about and we all enjoyed the cool morning air . . . I was glad I had my sweater.

It was easy to feel the Gratitude this morning.  Some mornings are like that.  Others, not so much.  It’s then that I have to be still,
and in that pause, look a little deeper, then I start to see all. the. things.

This morning it was easy for me to feel the thankfulness and appreciation and I filled my heart with good vibes.  Thank you, doggies, memories, dragonfly, sky, clouds, earth, neighbors, coffee, and sweater. 

The mundane, the profound, what are you most grateful for today?

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  1. Being alive, our beautiful weather today, having abundant work, getting to do a vigorous walk with my wonderful long time friends this morning; all vendors at my Farmers Market; being blessed with good neighbors; having wonderful influencers and inspirers like you Jacquie – so glad we met in “Reignite”!

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